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OdoBan® Neutralizer 360°


OdoBan® 360° Neutralizer

OdoBan® 360° Neutralizer is an unscented odor eliminator that gets rid of unwanted smells caused by smoke, pets, food, sweat, body odor and more. Instantly locks away odor molecules to eliminate (not mask) odors - with no fragrance. Your secret weapon against unwanted odors - anytime, anywhere!

  • Instantly neutralizes odors
  • For use on clothes, fabrics, upholstery, athletic gear, shoes and more
  • Freshens hard-to-clean items between washes
  • Neutral pH formula
  • 360° Pure Air Continuous Spray technology to spray at any angle - even upside down
  • Convenient and portable for eliminating odors on-the-go
  • Made in USA
Neutralizer Product Uses


  2. Spray the odor to neutralize.
  3. Repeat As Needed.

Avoid overwetting. Test for colorfastness and spotting on drapes, upholstery or fabrics. Wipe up any overspray on floors and allow to dry.

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