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Testimonial A few yrs ago I had a plumber replace a sewer drain in the basement. He sprayed something & I loved it, had no idea what it was. Then a couple yrs ago I was looking for something to kind of kill that basement smell of musty odors or something along that line, I dug around & heard OdoBan was the thing to buy, seemed highly recommended per reviews I'd read. Never heard of it. Then found where it was sold at Home Depot. Rushed to the store, couldn’t find it anywhere...that was last year. Then today while at Walmart I looked on the top shelf by Febreeze and I was so excited. A spray bottle of OdoBan. I didn't even look at the price, just tossed it into my cart. I just sprayed some downstairs....by gosh if it isn't the same thing that the plumber used years ago! Talk about thrilled! I love this stuff. If I'd have known it was the same as what the plumber used years ago I’d probably have bought all the bottles they had today. I pray they keep it in stock! Thank you so much.....it must be meant to be....
Katrina S.

Testimonial I have three male Siamese cats. When integrating the third cat into the family, we had some "territorial" problems. We also have neighborhood kitties who visit at the windows, and decide the porch is their territory. I have tried everything on the market. OdoBan is the only product that actually neutralizes the cat odor. The smell is not unpleasant, but when it fades, there is no scent at all. The cats don't even notice the spots where there was "marking". It makes life so much happier for all of us. Thank you!
Sheila S.


I have been using this product for over 20 yrs now! I swear by it. There is NOTHING that cleans and works like OdoBan. I use it in my customers homes and they LOVE it! I will be using this product till the day I die lol
Sherry R.


We had a mouse problem. At least three times a week I had to wash all of the silverware AND the drawer they were kept in. Even after removing the mouse from the equation, the smell remained. Cleaning with any product I tried simply added cleaning product smell to the original smell of mouse! Remembering the OdoBan I had in the cabinet, I read the instructions. I cleaned the silverware drawer using OdoBan, then sprayed enough of it into the drawer, as the instructions said, to stay damp at least 10 minutes..... WOW! Problem solved! The mouse was gone and so was his odor, never to return! We use it in the black water tank of our RV and there is NEVER a bad smell, no other black water deodorizer has ever done that well. Bad odors are caused by germs OdoBan kills those germs, thus removing the reason for the odor! Even in a VERY small space, a self-contained porta-potty in a small camper van, full or empty there was never ever a bad smell. There is nothing anything like this product anywhere!
Sherry B.


Picked up you product yesterday at Sam's Club. I was shocked how well it worked. LOVE IT.
One of my cats had an accident on the carpets...and I was shocked the urine smell is gone.
Ann Marie W.


I just wanted to say that I LOVE your product! I’m a stay at home mom with 2 kids, 1 dog and 2 cats. I’m cleaning all the time and I always clean with the spray bleaches and Lysol. One day I went to Walmart and seen a bottle of OdoBan Eucalyptus. The price is also awesome compared to Lysol. I thought hmm let me try this (because of the price). I’m so happy I did. I love the smell and I love the way it cleans plus it’s nice to know I’m also cleaning germs. I love that I can also clean my sofas with it and they look wonderful and smell great! My lungs and nose are thanking me also. lol The bleach was really harsh. My mom is now buying it and loves it of course. She tells me I always find the good stuff. haha! I hope the Walmart I go to gets more of your products only the spray is available now :/ Thank you :D
Danielle L.


I just wanted to say that your product really is fantastic. I ran across it by accident in my friend’s trailer. It smelled so bad and I was expected to do some work in there. I was so desperate I searched all over and he had a bottle of OdoBan spray. I sprayed it all over everything and stepped out for a minute to let the air circulate. When I came back, I could not believe my nose. Not a trace of any smells. I swore someone had spilled a bottle of perfume in his trailer and I am allergic to strong smells. But the smells in that trailer were gone and I was able to work well in there. I quickly asked him where he got it and bought myself some. It worked better than fabreeze, and I’ve been using fabreeze and not happy with it. My local Walmart has it and I am now a permanent user of your product.
Thanks again for such a wonderful thing.
Oh, and mine was the original scent. I guess you have other scents? I didn’t even know you had large bottles. Good to know.
Fran R.


I wanted to take a minute to say thank you for creating such a wonderful product. My husband and I have tried several different products which specialized in removing pet odor but nothing worked until we tried OdoBan. We love the new scents too!! My all-time favorite is the lavender and our 4 beautiful indoor dogs are pretty crazy about it too. The new spray air freshener is wonderful and we have recommended it to several friends. I love buying the gallon bottles since I use it to mop the floors, and in the laundry. Thank you for creating such a life changing product!!
Marti G.


Hello, I have a very large grouping of dogs and cats, as well as, we live on a farm. I love your OdoBan eucalyptus product. What a Blessing to have a real great product that is not harmful and works so well.
Krista A.


First off I want to tell you all what a great product. I go through a bottle or two a week (dogs, snakes, kids.. you get it) and the product works great and does what it claims. Now for the second part your bottles have some of the best spray action of any one I have ever used. It has a strong steady spraying action that feels solid and delivers a useful dosage. Thanks for a very good product and please don't change anything and you will have a very long term customer
Richard C.

Testimonial Hello I work in a beauty salon and we use OdoBan daily for disinfectants. We clean all our daily tools with brushes, combs, scissors and we also use it in every load of towels that we wash. At the end of the day we wipe off all the chairs, door knobs and bathroom with it.
Carol T.

Testimonial I am writing to say "Thank You"! I love your product since my husband got me hooked on it. My husband Dave and his brother use OdoBan at their Sports Bar and I use it EVERY DAY at my laundromat. This is a very fresh smelling and long lasting product. Thank you :)
Laura R.


It's unusual for me to write to a company but I felt it was necessary. We have two cats and they poop...a lot! We have tried air fresheners, different kinds of litter, litter box deodorizers but nothing helped the smell.
While at the store we saw your product and figured to give it a shot, I kid you not it’s a night and day difference. Within a couple hours of putting it next to the box I could stand next to it and actually breathe through my nose. It is especially helpful since we live in an apartment and the litter box is in the bedroom. Thank you!!
Adam C.


I just wanted to let you know how amazing I think your product is and how grateful I am that I picked it up off the shelf at the store. I recently had a house fire and purchased a spray bottle of your product to help rid some of my belongings of the smoke smell. It worked so great I went back and bought 3 more bottles!
Thank you!
Amanda C.

Testimonial Just wanted to let you know that I love OdoBan! It is an awesome product! I live in Athens, Al and it is not available here in town so I go to neighboring Madison or Decatur to purchase the concentrated gallon from Home Depot. My family says I’m addicted because I have "a bottle in every room" as they put it! I used to run the kitchen at a preschool and OdoBan became a favorite product there because of me! My best friend is also a huge fan now.
I truly love your product and would sell it door to door I believe in it so much!!!!!
I just wish it was more readily available so everyone could enjoy it.

Thanks again,
Marcy S.

Testimonial I used OdoBan several years ago when an aging cat starting missing the litter box that was kept in our basement. The product eliminated the odor and it never returned.
In 2010 we purchased a foreclosed home to rehab for our two daughters. Not only had the previous owner exited the home and left the water running, she also had dogs that had continuously urinated throughout the house. The house is on a cement slab and the water and urine went into every crevice. I have to admit that I used some "tried and true" remedies for the smell with no luck. My husband reminded me of the success we’d had with OdoBan in our own home.
Needless to say that after treating the entire house a few times with your product the smell disappeared.
The girls have been in their home exactly a year. The floors are covered in either laminate or tile and there has never been a hint of odor.
I happened to be using it today in my basement and decided to write and tell you that your product is "as dependable as ever."
Much thanks,
Georgette H.


I love OdoBan!!! I can't live without it, I use it for everything!!!!
Julie M.

Testimonial I have used OdoBan for years in laundry and to freshen my home. Recently gasoline was spilled in my attached garage and the fumes spread to the inside of my home.

I tried baking soda, leaving doors open to ventilate and scrubbed the concrete with bleach to try and dissipate the smell. Nothing worked!

This morning in Sam’s Club, I saw the OdoBan and purchased it. I came home and mixed 8oz to 1/2 gallon of water and sprayed the concrete, walls and corners. About 5 minutes later I walked in the house and the gasoline smell is completely gone!

I am very pleased that I have this product for so many uses. It is really a plus that it is very affordable and comes in gallon size concentrated bottles!

Thank you so much, I am a fan for life!

Crystal S.


I was in Home Depot buying a gallon of the lavender OdoBan and as I was checking out I overheard a couple of people talking about my purchase. I immediately went over to address the questions. I started talking about your product and all that it does. A crowd began to form. I explained that I have 2 cats, 1 dog that is 15 years old with incontinence problems and my 83 year old father with problems. OdoBan removes the odors that no other product could, the worst being cat urine. I believe in your product.
Thanks for a good product that works.
Barbara R.


I found OdoBan at Home Depot when I was going to purchase Febreeze for pet odors. My husband spotted the OdoBan and we bought it instead, I love it- It works so great I spray it all over the house. About 2 months later my mom’s small dogs got sprayed by skunks in her backyard. She had tried everything to get rid of the horrible smell that was lingering in her home and most importantly on her bedding. I took her over to Home Depot so we could purchase OdoBan to see if it would work, she put a little in the laundry and the smell was gone! We sprayed it on the carpets and furniture where the dogs had carried the smell - NO MORE SKUNK SMELL! Needless to say We are all big fans!
Thea B.


I just wanted to write and say I LOVE OdoBan. I use it to clean my home, to eliminate nasty trash can smells, and in my laundry. We also use it at work and it keeps everything nice and clean without a harsh chemical smell. It’s reasonably priced and a little goes a long way. I recommend it to anyone I can and I think I’ll be a loyal customer. Thanks for making an awesome product!
Alyssa A.


I have been praising OdoBan to everyone I know since my experience with it was so great.

A couple of years ago I bought a used car from a friend. It was a great deal and got great gas mileage. The only problem was that it was a smoker's car. I thought to myself "Not a problem, the smell will go away" After two days of driving it around I was ready to sell it for a loss!

I tried a couple of different methods and products, but nothing worked.

Finally I found OdoBan. I cleaned the inside of the car with it and then sprayed all the seats and carpet with the OdoBan and left it overnight with the windows closed.

The next morning I had a "fresh" car that I drove for three years without the smell of smoke!

I have to try it in the laundry now!



First of all, I LOVE OdoBan!!! We live in a house that has a slight mildew problem and our bath towels and washcloths always had a mildewy smell. A friend told me about OdoBan and my towels have never been fresher...it’s a joy to climb out of the shower and your towel smell wonderfully fresh and clean. Not to mention that my husband’s itchy skin problem stopped after the first use of your product.
Felicia C.

Testimonial Thank you for making this product! It was suggested to me by an environmental engineer. I have a lot of mold in my home (Not the toxic kind). I have decided this is my product of choice! I will not buy any other cleaning product as it is not necessary! I even use this in my steam carpet cleaner! Makes my whole house smell so fresh! Thanks again!!
Debra P.


Our 17 ft. aluminum fishing boat was parked out in the backyard of our subdivision lot for two years. It was fully covered, and we didn’t give it another thought. Until earlier this summer, we decided to take it with us on our summer vacation. Uncovering the boat, we found that an animal (probably a raccoon) had made itself at home during the two-year time frame. Nothing appeared to be "fresh," but the odor was horrendous. We cleaned up all the feces and washed down the carpet with white vinegar, hoping to cut down on the odor. It didn’t work. I called a wildlife restoration company, and they recommended trying OdoBan.

I went through all the testimonials on the website and decided to give it a shot. What did I have to lose besides the odor? I purchased two gallons of the product at Home Depot -- thinking it would take at least that amount to get rid of the odor. Following the directions, I mixed 8 oz. of the product with 24 oz. of water and sprayed it on all the carpet. Still smelled the odor, but not as bad, so I sprayed it again the next day. Odor was dissipating, but it didn’t seem to be coming from the carpet any longer. So I sprayed down the entire interior with an additional 8 oz. mixed with water. Within a day, the odor was pretty much gone. After spending a week out on the water fishing, etc., we came home and have parked it in our garage. No odor! Thanks to OdoBan, we can use our boat and even park it in the garage. Wonderful product!

Valerie L.

Testimonial Bought OdoBan years ago..totally forgot about it. Last week the cat missed his litter box. Nothing took away the odor, so I went to see what I might have and found the OdoBan, used it, and the smell was totally gone and never came back. My cleaning gal came today. I had her use it and she wanted to know where she could get it. She said it is the best cleaning product she has ever used.
Tierra Verde, FL

Testimonial OdoBan is ABSOLUTELY the BEST product out there! Covers up ANY odor! I've got coworkers, friends, & family hooked! Best thing about it is…it's so reasonably priced! Very inexpensive! I CAN'T live without. I first bought it at Sam's Wholesale Club & HAVE to have it EVERY time I go whether I need it or not! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I use it in the house, in the car, my laundry, trash cans, bathrooms, work, etc..! Covers up pet & smoke odors too! I can’t say enough about this product! THANK U OdoBan!
Rhonda W.
Waverly, TN

Testimonial I bought a house and the previous owners had pets. Evidently they let the animals excrete their body fluids inside the house and boy did it smell. I was afraid I would never be able to get the odor out. I shampooed the carpet and mopped the floor with OdoBan and what a difference it made. The whole house smelled so fresh. I was ASTONISHED. I could not believe my nose. I never, and I mean never, write testimonials but this product deserves kudos. I only cleaned once with it and there was not one foul odor left to be smelled. THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES FOR OdoBan!
Juanda W.
Midland, TX .

Testimonial Up until last year, I would clean my house with tons of cleaning products including bleach. I am such a clean freak especially having 3 kids, a husband, and a dog, but the chemicals would be so harsh that I would have to constantly escape my house to catch fresh air and open up windows. My mother-in-law couldn't stand that I was constantly using bleach. So she introduced me to a bottle and instantly I fell in love with it. OdoBan serves many purposes, not only as a deodorizer but as a cleaning agent as well. The smell is fabulous and it keeps the house smelling wonderful. I'm not constantly running out of the house trying to catch fresh air and I no longer open the window. I would never trade OdoBan for these chemicals ever again!
Jennifer V.
Immokalee, FL

Testimonial I love this product! OdoBan is the only odor eliminator on the market that works. I have spent so much money in the past on products that claimed that they removed pet odor, but did no such thing. I was turned onto OdoBan by my carpet cleaner. I was so skeptical and had serious doubts, but it works! I love that it sanitizes, deodorizes and destroys odors. It works on all my surfaces. Thank you, OdoBan!
Deirdre M.
Sarasota, Florida

Testimonial No cleaning product I ever used was worthy of a testimonial until now. I bought some this past weekend and oh my gosh, what I have been missing.

My house, clothes, furniture, floors are all clean & smell good. I wish I would have known about this long ago--where have you been all my life? I am replacing all cleaning supplies with this stuff. My family of people and pets appreciate you. Don't change a thing. The smell and the power is great. A great big thank you from Louisiana.
L. Barre
Colfax, Louisiana

Testimonial OdoBan is the best product I have ever used! I have 2 dogs and one of them is 14 years old. She needs to go outside often but sometimes with her arthritis it's hard for her to get up. Thus, she had urinated on the carpet many times. I've tried many pet shampoos and sprays but nothing helped with the urine odor. My friend suggested OdoBan and "voila"! Thank you for a wonderful product.
Elizabeth H.
Horntown, VA

Testimonial OdoBan....I don't even know when I started using it. All I know is when I read that it killed the AIDS virus, and all those other viruses and bacteria, I use it to clean my whole house--toilets, sinks, mirrors, floors, counter tops--literally everything.
I love this product so much that I recommend it to everyone!
W Neugebauer
Pine Haven, WY

Testimonial I was lingering in the aisle of Sam's Club, looking for a disinfectant that will clean well, smell decent and wouldn't bleach all of my clothes! My husband said the nurses in his office used OdoBan and it smelled really nice. I bought the concentrated gallon/spray bottle combo...and I am hooked for life! I cleaned our bathrooms that night and they are so fresh smelling and clean. It doesn't have the chemical smell, yet it cleans all the viruses and infections that any parent, or medical staff would be concerned about.
Marie G.
Indianapolis, Indiana

Testimonial I recently purchased OdoBan at Sam's Club. After trying everything imaginable on the market to remove odor from my HE Front load washing machine (products marketed specifically for such odors, also tried bleach, vinegar, borax, amonnia, to no avail), your product completely eliminated the musty odor. I sprayed some on the rubber seal and then put a little of the concentrate in soap dispenser and ran the tub clean (sanitize) cycle. I am so pleased! I even posted your product on Pinterest! Thank you for this great product!
Lisa V.

Testimonial We just built a new house when my German Shepherd decided to show her stress of moving by peeing on the new carpet. Ugh! I cleaned and cleaned and it never took the smell out. It made me mad and sick. Then I saw OdoBan on a pet page when I was surfing on how to get urine smells out and thought I had nothing to lose. Found it at Home Depot for 10 bucks. Came home and used it in my steamvac right away. I was amazed the pet urine smell vanished. Even when I sniffed the carpet it was nowhere to be found. I will continue telling everyone I know about this product I can’t say thank you enough. You saved my new carpet in my house.
Cassie B.
Hudson, WI

Testimonial WOW! This worked :) sprayed it on floors let dry the smell is gone! I have told other people I work with about this product and we will be using it now, I even tried it in our police cruiser to see how it would work. It smells great now and k-9 dogs seem to be ok with it also :) ty GREAT PRODUCT!
Alexander A.

Testimonial Last Friday my ex had an apt fire. We just got into the building today (eight days later). My kids' clothes were sitting in water and smoke for all those eight days. I used three cups of OdoBan in a presoak cycle and then rewashed them once again using one cup in the wash. Can you believe they smell like new? WTG OdoBan, you saved so much money…which is so great because we lost so much!
Mary S.

Testimonial Love this product. Found this at Sam's Club. Use daily in my daughters' playroom.
:) It is awesome!!
Willi S.

Testimonial My husband and mother-in-law have been praising your product for years. I finally ordered two gallons of the lavender, and I LOVE it! Nothing has gotten rid of odors the way OdoBan does! I am a customer for life!
Jacki K.

Testimonial I love OdoBan! We use it at work (pet grooming business) and I use it at home all the time! : )
Krisa B.

Testimonial I have been using OdoBan for almost 20 years. Greatest product for eliminating odors, refreshing carpet, disinfecting, etc. I work at a hotel & have convinced them to give it a try. Can't wait for the results! No more stagnant rooms! WooOOO-HOOooo
Jane M.

Testimonial I love this product. The smell is great… :)
Melanie A.

Testimonial I love this product! My mother-in-law got me started using it when I was cleaning her hotel rooms. It was great at getting rid of odors and generally making the rooms smell great! We have used it for more than 15 years now. Still a great product. I use it daily at home too. I just found this site and imagine my surprise to find out all the wonderful uses. Keep up the good work!
Tammy J.

Testimonial Hello :) I purchased a gallon of OdoBan eucalyptus cleaner/deodorizer to use at my dad-in-law's home. I am impressed with how well it cleaned up and smells awesome! ... Thank you.
Cathy C

Testimonial We have used this product for years in our animal rescue and it's the BEST!
Linda B.

Testimonial I use OdoBan everywhere in my house! LOVE it!
Candace W.

Testimonial I just discovered OdoBan this weekend and used it in the laundry. No more teenager boy sweat smells! You totally saved us from throwing out his shirts. AND I used it on a hard surface floor where our cat seems to like to pee once in a while. NO SMELL! I love this stuff! Thank you!
Sheila D.

Testimonial Tried this product for the first time and I can say it is my new best friend. I was dog sitting and the dog marked from one corner of my house to the other. A friend came over with OdoBan and said it worked. Boy was she right! Wonderful fresh clean scent. I'm running to my store to buy my own gallon of OdoBan.
Suzanne R.

Testimonial ... I have 5 dogs and also foster for a rescue. Your product is the best around for dog odors! I can't wait until I can get the lavender scent.
Melissa C.

Testimonial I owned a professional carpet cleaning and restoration company for many years. I also held a Master Cleaner/Master Restoration certification in Fire, Water and crime scene cleaning. Let me tell you OdoBan is the best cleaning product around!!
Lonnie F.

Testimonial Perfect for cleaning!
Colon Y.

Testimonial I love this product!!!!
Gabrielle F.

Testimonial I just got the lavender RTU and I LOVE it.
Callie E.

Testimonial I LOVE this stuff! I have a dog grooming shop and it is WONDERFUL! It keeps the shop smelling GREAT! And I use it in the laundry also! I don’t want to ever be without it!
Karla L.

Testimonial The dog shelter I volunteer at uses OdoBan and, sadly, go through it faster than it comes in - I organized a donation drive and made it a hot item to donate! It is really great stuff.
Erin C.

Testimonial Hi, Just wanted to say how much we LOVE OdoBan. A Touch of Class Cleaning Service is my company and we have been using OdoBan for years. My customers, as well as my cleaners, to this day still tell me how much they enjoy the scent and I brag proudly about its germ cleaning power. Thank you!
Cynthia M.

Testimonial I bought this product yesterday on a whim at my Sam's Club. I absolutely LOVE it!! It gets rid of dog odors and it makes towels nice and fresh in the wash. I plan to do the carpets with it this week. I LOVE it! It works way better than Febreeze or any other fabric freshener on the market. I will NEVER be without this product again! I'm hooked!
Sara B.

Testimonial I love OdoBan! The BEST product for cleaning and odor control in an animal shelter environment!!!!!!!
Pat M.

Testimonial Simply, OdoBan, It's the best product. I recommend it.
Ada S.

Testimonial I don't think I have ever heard one complaint about OdoBan! I have been using it for about 4 years, and it is the greatest product and is priced right! Thank You, OdoBan!!!
Diana L.

Testimonial This stuff is wonderful and never had found anything like it! Works for all my household products, can't wait to try it on my car. :)
Suzanne P.

Testimonial We were introduced to OdoBan after we had a house fire. It worked very well! Scrubbed everything with it, only 1 time, and allowed everything to air dry, and it was AMAZING!! I have used it for the last 3 years. I use it for everything! The biggest thing, I have a child who has gone thru chemo and radiation. It has helped to protect him from serious illnesses, while his immune system was non-existent! Thank you for making such a wonderful, all round product!
Ann F.

Testimonial Is the best smelling deodorizer ever...
Amanda J.

Testimonial I've been using OdoBan products since 2007 and LOVE each and every product. The degreaser is the best out there. I use it in my business and at home. We recently got a puppy and the OdoBan truly DOES eliminate odors like nothing I've ever seen before.
Cathy G.

Testimonial I have been using OdoBan for about 8 months now. I clean everything with it. I had an awful odor in my house and now that I use OdoBan, nothing makes me feel as clean or germ-free as OdoBan. I have used everything imaginable and OdoBan makes me feel smell-free and germ-free! Thank GOD for OdoBan. I think I am your biggest fan.
Tiffany H.

Testimonial I bought this at my local Sam's Club and fell in LOVE!!! Great for pet odors, doesn't just cover, actually eliminates!! Better than anything I have ever tried!!
Randi C.

Testimonial Love Love Love OdoBan! Use it on the dog beds, mop the floors with it, sometimes just put a little in the sink and the entire house smells good!! Love it!
Laura B.

Testimonial We use OdoBan for septic tanks odors when we have to pump it. It works like you can't believe. This is best part of every plumber’s tool kit.
Ned M.

Testimonial OdoBan is awesome. I used to buy it in bulk...I used it for steam cleaning my carpets.
Jennifer F.

Testimonial OdoBan is The Best Stuff I have ever used! Thank you for such a quality product!
Bonnie C.

Testimonial Thank you so much for inventing this great product!!!!!
Millicent E.

Testimonial Great products...Try em. You'll like em...
Pretty Coat Junction

Testimonial My husband and I rented an apartment but previous tenants smoked so everything smelled like cigarettes. We sprayed and washed down the walls within seconds the smell dissipated. I searched online for a product that worked on eliminating not masking this was by far the only one that did the job. Thanks! :)
Lucy R.

Testimonial I love OdoBan! I use it for anything I can think of! I buy the gallon with the 24oz Ready-to-Use bottle.
Diana L.

Testimonial OdoBan is a great cleaning product. I came upon it by accident. Tried it and would never use anything else. It cleans well and leaves a really clean smell in the house.

Traverse City, Michigan

Testimonial OdoBan is THE BEST!

We have teenage boys who play sports and any parent of a teenage boy knows after they play, they smell! Unfortunately, that boy sweat smell stayed in the shirts of our oldest. We tried everything we could think of including baking soda, vinegar, . . .and nothing worked. Even after washing them you could still smell the boy-sweat nastiness. I tell ya. . It's toxic! We were ready to start throwing away his shirts so I did a Google search hoping to find one last miracle cure. I found someone mention this "OdoBan" stuff so I had to try it. We went to Sam's Club and found it. What a great price for a gallon jug + a 24oz spray bottle ready to use! We were thrilled when we read it would also eliminate pet odors as we have a cat that tends to use part of our downstairs as his litter box. (gross!) When we got home, the first thing I did was spray it on the floor downstairs. OdoBan has a nice light eucalyptus scent and was very pleasant. Then I did the ultimate test. . . laundry. I found one particular shirt of my son's that REALLY smelled and I threw it in the wash. I added the appropriate mixture of water and OdoBan to the rinse cycle. I found the one offending shirt and . . .it was no longer offending! It smelled . . .well . . CLEAN! I was so excited I had to do another load of laundry (and I hate doing laundry!) I am absolutely amazed at how well this worked I am telling everyone I now about this product! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for saving us from throwing away perfectly good clothes! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for making my house smell like a home rather than a litter box. OdoBan will be a staple in our cleaning supplies!

Mead, Colorado

Testimonial I started using OdoBan when it first arrived at a local Sam's Club some 20 years ago and have used it since that time. I just purchased the Odor & Stain Carpet for pets and of course it is most excellent as all your products. Thank you for your new innovations...


Testimonial This is the most remarkable cleaning and deodorizing product I have ever used! We bought it on a whim. I'm always looking for a better cleaner and odor abatement product. My search has ended. Doggy doo, mold, mildew, baby goo, toilet 'spray' ...you name it...OdoBan can handle it and then some! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!


Testimonial I LOVE OdoBan. I have a 4 year old miniature dachshund. He thinks he runs the house and can pee wherever he wants to. It's very frustrating trying to get the smell of urine out of my house. I have tried millions of products and nothing has worked. My mother-in-law suggested that I try OdoBan. Feeling defeated and feeling like nothing was going to work, I gave it a shot. Boy I am glad I did! Took the odor out INSTANTLY!!! Thanks again to my mother-in-law and thanks for making such an AMAZING product!

East Helena, Montana

Testimonial I work at a dog kennel where we use tons of OdoBan. And I love it. When the poop smell in the air is so fresh and so stinky that you can't even breathe, nothing works better than OdoBan! Not only does it work to clean, but it smells really good too. But the battle is never ending. And the worst of it is when we walk in the door for the first time each shift... when a dog got sick and it's been sitting there, swirling in the air for hours. Yuk. (If only we had someone standing in the kennel all day to spray it into the air at pre-set intervals... maybe we could get one of those girls from the perfume counter in the mall!) Thanks for a wonderful product!


Testimonial I wanted to write a quick note and tell you how much I love your Eucalyptus Scent OdoBan. This cleaner is definitely my favorite. With a full house of kids and a dog I love that not only does it smell good but it kills 99.99% of germs .. a big plus for me. Also the fact that I can use it in the laundry, as well as just for everyday cleaning is a big plus. I really don't know of many products that can do that, it definitely lives up to its name.

Mobile, AL

Testimonial I have to say, OdoBan is the BEST product! My husband does water and sewer work, His clothes are so dirty and smelly. I would wash his clothes and they would still smell. I hated to send him to work with smelly clothes like that! I have tried many products trying to find something that would take the smell out of his work clothes. I FINALLY found one that WORKS! Thank you so much!!
Thank you,

Ogilvie, MN

Testimonial I have NEVER been so thankful to my mother-in-law as when she introduced me to OdoBan. We have a 19 lb. Maine Coon cat (named Little), who overshoots even the large tote we now have to use as a litter box. I think he is determined to make our home smell like cat urine, which everyone knows is an IMPOSSIBLE smell to get out. But OdoBan does the trick! I was SO impressed! I went through box after box of baking soda and never got half the effect of ONE USE of OdoBan. It completely eliminated his cat stink! Now we keep it on hand for so many uses. No more cat box/laundry room stench; it freshens up carpets and makes my preteen son’s room smell good again! Thank you SO much, OdoBan! You've saved my home from smelling like a cat or a preteen! =)

Cindy G of OH

Testimonial My wife and I live in South Carolina and breed small dogs. Of all the products we have tried, OdoBan has by far been the most effective at eliminating fecal and urine odors from the kennel area, which is inside our house. People come by and make comments like, "You can't even tell you have dogs!" Thank you for making an effective and affordable product. We highly recommend it!

South Carolina

Testimonial I would just like to say how happy I am after using your product for the first time. You have a customer for life. I actually grabbed OdoBan by mistake while buying cleaning products and I was a bit disappointed when I came home with the wrong product. But while reading all that this item can do, I chose to give it a try as an air freshener. After the first use, I noticed a huge difference when compared to Febreze. This product really does have a long lasting fresh smell in your home. Also, as of February 25, 2011, OdoBan will be product of choice at our janitorial service in Chicago, IL. Thank you for creating a magnificent product.

J. W.
Chicago, IL

Testimonial I love OdoBan for 3 reasons -

First, I'm asthmatic and the scent does not bother me.

Second, I have a laundry room in my garage in Florida. Whenever laundry sits, it sours, and OdoBan removes the smell with one rinse.

Third, I've done cat rescue and have had over 2 dozen cats in my home and it keeps me from throwing things away because it removes the smell from any of my washables when someone has an "accident". Males seem to love to get the bottom of my curtains. I let them soak, then wash them as normal.

It's great for spraying around the litter boxes, as well.

Have tried the more expensive products …. and most smell more perfumed, but don't work nearly as well.

Brandon, Florida

Testimonial We recently moved to a new home. Unfortunately the people who lived here before us had several neglected cats locked in the basement and the urine smell was horrible. Then one day in home depot I spotted OdoBan in a display. I figured I tried everything else so why not buy one. I had high hopes but was doubtful of good results as everything else failed. To my amazement, the OdoBan got rid of the smell! Thank you so much for such a wonderful product. OdoBan shined where all others failed.


Testimonial I've been an OdoBan customer for years, but after our recent move I was hard pressed to find a retailer here on Guam that carries the product. I finally found the gallon concentrate at. This is the first time ever that I was DESPERATE to find OdoBan. The house we moved into carries the stench of rodents that live outside the house, and one of the two bathrooms in the home apparently were not cleaned very well and the urine smell had penetrated into the porcelain of the toilet and even daily cleaning would not make the smell go away. I finally found OdoBan and after two heavy spray-and-let-sit treatments, the urine smell is gone. I used it in my outside storage room (where rodents are known to hang out until we blocked their entrance) and just one good treatment of the concrete floor got rid of the foul odor that was left by the rodents. Thank You SO MUCH for a quality, affordable product that lives up to its claims and beyond!

Paula D.
Guam, Yigo

Testimonial I happened onto someone at a local wholesale club who was demonstrating OdoBan. As I had several dogs at that time, I was willing to try it in my kennel area. Ever since then, I have been telling everyone about this wonderful product. I use it for laundry, dog kennel area, and their bedding. Also, I use it on floors, as a disinfectant at home & work. The list goes on & on. To-date, I have told over 25 people about OdoBan and most of them are still using it. Keep up the good work!!

Joy W
Joliet, IL

Testimonial OdoBan is the best product ever made. I’ve been using this product for over 5 years. It’s the best thing for carpets, bathrooms and kitchens. I love when people who come over and are astounded by the clean smell of my home, knowing I am a smoker and have pets.

Homer, LA

Testimonial I am a property manager for a small apartment complex. I have to clean and sanitize all apartments between tenants, and have had a HARD time finding something that actually works on the various odors people leave behind. Those smells include, but are not limited to: cigarette smoke, old rotten trash, bad body odor, decomposing food in the refrigerator, pet odors, and nasty toilets. I went to one of our local retailers and looked at all ODOR products and saw OdoBan. I reluctantly bought it because it was offered in a gallon. After using it, I will never use anything else. It removed all stains safely from carpet, and took all smells out, even the ones that nothing in the past completely removed. I use it in all my apartments for all cleaning, and I use it at home, as well as in my car, as a cleaner and deodorizer. I have recommended it to my other apartment manager friends, and all of my family, most of whom ONLY use OdoBan now.

E. Poindexter
Brownwood, Texas

Testimonial I have been using OdoBan for about 12 yrs now on everything imaginable.

Love this product & have turned many friends onto OdoBan. I will continue to use this, because it kills many germs and I love the pleasant, clean, fresh smell.

Somerville, AL

Testimonial I recently used OdoBan Odor Eliminator & Disinfectant for the first time while steam cleaning carpets and area rugs in my home. I have a German Shepherd and a 2-pack a day smoker living in my home. The rugs and carpets were so very fresh after one use. I was so impressed, I now use it to make a fabric spray for my living room furniture, drapes, bedspread and car interior. I use it in the bathroom to disinfect and freshen. I also spray it in the air to neutralize cigarette and cooking odors. Thanks for such a great product!!
Eileen S.

Paige M.

Testimonial I have used every deodorizer under the sun on my bus. Someone told me about OdoBan Odor Eliminator & Disinfectant. I spray the vents, seats, defrost vents, everything...it is the cure all! It really does work and for a long period of time. Plus, the 99.99% disinfecting is an added bonus. Thanks for this product.

Testimonial I started using your product, OdoBan Odor Eliminator & Disinfectant a few months ago. I have 2 dogs and a cat and your product is fantastic. I have also used it to scrub kitchen walls and cupboards, basement, etc, etc. The results are great and it leaves a wonderful clean smell. Thanks for such a good product.
Monica J.

Testimonial I run a small not-for-profit no-kill animal rescue located in South Carolina. When we can afford it, we purchase OdoBan Odor Eliminator & Disinfectant to use in our kennel. It is my staff's number one favorite cleaner and we use it in everything from mop water to crates to litter boxes for our resident cats to laundry. Thank you for creating a wonderful product!

Testimonial I am very sensitive to all scents. Even all perfumes just kill me. BUT!! I smelled your OdoBan Air Freshener (Eucalyptus Scent) in someone’s house and loved it. I bought some and couldn’t be happier. Thank you for a great smelling product!

Testimonial Just thought I would drop you a note to let you know the OdoBan is working out GREAT! There are NO odors when walking into our animal shelter and the staff thinks it's wonderful! This is an upstanding product for adoption shelters - one thing everyone states when they come thru our doors is there is "no smell of urine" anywhere, which is most important - I've been to facilities where the odor just clings to you after visiting - nothing worse! Hope things are going well for you, as they are here.

Testimonial Just to share with you that after a long sequence of treatments I think I have finally removed the stench of a dead rabbit in my daughter's bedroom with the use of OdoBan Pet Odor & Stain Carpet Pretreatment. The cat brought in a small wounded rabbit and it escaped under a bookcase and died there. It was eventually discovered by its terrible stench. I used several products but the smell was still there. OdoBan was recommended so I bought some and sprayed it twice on the area. I then used a fan to dry the carpet. WOW – the stench went away and hasn’t come back. Thank you!
Ken S.

Testimonial I work at a veterinary hospital and we are always trying to find new "smell good" cleaners - something that will get things clean and the smell will stay around. We all love your product – OdoBan Odor Eliminator & Disinfectant!! From mop water additive to simply putting OdoBan in a spray bottle for our exam rooms – wonderful stuff!
S. Michaels

Testimonial I know you guys are very busy, but I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that your product, OdoBan Odor Eliminator & Disinfectant is AWESOME. My aunt’s house burned down and she was in need of furniture until she received her insurance check to replace the contents of her former home. I had an old couch in storage to give her. The couch however was very musty due to being stored for about 10 years. I tried another leading product (what a joke). After searching the internet for something more powerful to remove odors, I found your product. I went and bought a gallon and found it to be AMAZING. The odors are gone, couch smells fresh. I keep your bottle in my house and office. Great job!
J. French
Irving, TX

Testimonial I have to tell you that OdoBan is hands down the best cleaner I have ever used. I keep a spray bottle on hand for spot jobs and I keep a gallon jug on hand for bigger jobs. My brand new home is now 10 years old and I have ceramic tile in my hallway, half-bath, laundry room and kitchen. It is a creamy color with sand colored grouting. After 10 years the grout was looking pretty bad, especially in high traffic areas. In those areas the grout was sort of a muddy brown color. We've never been able to clean the grout very well. We decided to try the OdoBan on it. We mixed up a bucket and my husband got the scrub brush out and went to town on the grout and tile. Wow!!!! What a difference. The tile and grout look like new again. WE LOVE OdoBan!!!
Kathy B.
Aurora, OH

Testimonial I have been using OdoBan Odor Eliminator & Disinfectant for years. It is a great product … a one-stop product for me. I use it as a carpet spray, in my laundry, as an air freshener and just for plain everyday use. Thank you so much for putting a quality product out on the market!
David C.

Testimonial I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your OdoBan Concentrate. I use it for everything. I clean my dog kennels, my bathrooms, my laundry, and my floors with it. It keeps everything smelling amazing. Just wanted to say thanks!
Jamie N.

Testimonial I just wanted to drop you guys a line to let you know how much I appreciate your products. I love it when I come out of a store with your product in my hand because it assures me of the quality that your brand insures, your company produces and ultimately my experience as the end user of your product. Thanks for great products!
Michael R.
Melbourne, FL

Testimonial I just wanted to take a moment to express my feelings regarding the OdoBan Odor Eliminator & Disinfectant. I am sure that everyone is so used to receiving complaints … well I just wanted to take a moment to pay a compliment. I have been using this product for a little over a year now. I absolutely love it. We have used it for pet accidents as well as in the laundry. I use it in all of my loads of towels to kill any type of odors. During the summer I would use it in our outside trash cans every week. I absolutely love it. I am a member of a group of bargain hunters on a website called Baby Center. People are always asking what types of things to use for pet odors, children wetting the bed, and other types of "odor" problems. My answer is always OdoBan!! Please keep up the great work on making such an excellent product!
P. Wilson

Testimonial The new aerosol fragrances of OdoBan are Great! I really like the fresh linen breeze and the cucumber melon fragrances. Don't stop selling them, please!
J. Davis

Testimonial My washer recently broke down and I had to do my laundry at my sister’s house. She uses OdoBan in her laundry for pet bedding, etc. I used it while it was there. It works fabulously!
Cheryl C.

Testimonial I am in charge of maintenance and a host of other things for a 10 acre property with 3 buildings onsite, total square footage approximately 20,000. I came across your product, OdoBan Odor Eliminator & Disinfectant, about 10 months ago.
I am not one to send letters such as this to ANY company, and I feel compelled to let you know what a great product you have created. I find it very easy to use and the aroma is the best on the market. I have been through many different products over the course of the last 5 years, and yours is the best!
I have 2 friends and 1 other business using your product now because the people noticed the cleanliness and aroma.
I thank you for creating such a good product, and look forward to using OdoBan for as long as I keep working here, hopefully a LONG time.

Testimonial Wow! I was recently alerted to the amazing powers of OdoBan Odor Eliminator & Disinfectant by a really good friend. Actually she was merely an acquaintance before she told me about your product. I had made the grave tactical error of procuring a puppy and a house about the same time. Had it not been for your superb product, I would have had to rid myself of one of the two. As it is, all is good in Opelika, Alabama! Thanks. Belle, the dog, thanks you as well.
Sue W.

Testimonial I stumbled on to OdoBan by chance. I was searching for something, ANYTHING, that would not only stop the smell of puppy urine, but remove it. Much to my surprise, OdoBan was just the ticket! I was surprised that OdoBan removed the odor completely and it hasn't come back! I can't thank you enough!!
Becky S.

Testimonial We use OdoBan a lot at our house. My husband delivers fuel oil, gasoline and other such products and this is the ONLY solution we have found effective to remove the smell. A big THANK YOU for your products!
Pat P.
 Testimonial I'm not usually one to send messages like this, but we are a family with many pets, and have sought some product to take care of the pet odor for years. OdoBan Odor Eliminator & Disinfectant is the first product we've found that truly WORKS to eliminate the odors from pet accidents to the degree that satisfies us. You've acquired lifetime customers … well done!
Billy V.

Testimonial I have been using the 96 oz size of OdoBan Pet Odor Eliminator & Disinfectant for a long time. I have a home-based pet rescue and no-fee adoption service and MUST be able to get the Odo-Ban. It is the best product I have found so far. Recently, when my local retailer was out of OdoBan, I purchased a different product and paid 50% more and was very unsatisfied with the results - so needless to say it was a waste of money. So from here on out I will just buy OdoBan!
L. Wilson

Testimonial My husband and I are the new managers at a camp in CA. We have used OdoBan in the past at another camp and a couple of bed and breakfasts and we absolutely love it and have recommended it to other camp directors.

Testimonial I absolutely love your product OdoBan. It is great for smoking odors, dog odors and has even gotten out a musty odor that I tried everything else on! Way to go! I hope you never quit making this product!
Patti K.

Testimonial First, I'd like to say I've been a big fan of regular OdoBan for about 8 years. I can't rave enough about this product!!! I'm a mother of three children, plus have a number of cats in my house. This product is the only thing I know that can totally take away pet accidents, as well as all those messes my children get into. I recommend it to every pet owner I know.
Jan T.

Testimonial I am taking the time to tell you how much I LOVE your product OdoBan! I use it for nearly everything around my home. It doesn't have the chemical smell that most other household cleaners and fresheners have. And, my 2 year old daughter who has allergies and asthma hasn't been bothered by it! I will recommend the product to my family and friends and especially others who have concerns about allergies. Thanks for such a great product!
Jessica L.

Testimonial I gotta say that I love this stuff. It really does get rid of the smell unlike Febreze, which mostly just covers it up after repeated use.

Testimonial I have used OdoBan to successfully remove cigar smoke smell/residue from a desk that came out of the home of a chain cigar smoker. They seldom, if ever, opened windows in that house. Two treatments with OdoBan killed any evidence of that cigar stink. Thanks for that!
Thanks much.

Testimonial I am a big fan of OdoBan, love the smell. I have used it for 3 years,
Kaye O.

Testimonial I've REALLY enjoyed your OdoBan products for almost a year now and I've really gotten use to it. I work in a men's shelter and after a long day nothing really works for taking the deep odors out of my clothes but your product.

Testimonial I volunteer at the SPCA in Florida. They use a lot of OdoBan because of it's superior effectiveness. It is the only solution that I've tried that effectively eliminates pet odor.
Nancy R.

Testimonial My husband's 88 year old mother recently moved in with us and I was desperate for a way to control the odor from the bedside commode she uses. I remembered the OdoBan I had purchased and decided to try it. I put about 3 cups water and only a tablespoon of OdoBan in the commode. Voila, no bad odor when the commode is used. In fact, sometimes I don't know there's anything there because all I smell is the OdoBan. Your product has been a huge help. Thanks!
Judy S.

Testimonial Please, please, please do the world a favor and add one more use to the label on OdoBan!!! My dog was recently sprayed by a skunk. After getting the odor off of her, my entire house smelled like disgusting skunk. We tried every product designed to get rid of skunk odor. We tried home remedies, we tried EVERYTHING! Yet, days later our home still smelled the way it did the night our dog was sprayed. I went out searching for yet another product, and came across OdoBan. I figured what the heck, it can't be any worse then the other products I tried. I cleaned my carpets, hard wood and tile. I cleaned the walls and the furniture. I cleaned everything just as I had done with every other product and idea I tried.
WOW - I am impressed! 3 days of smelling skunk and wasting my time is over! OdoBan is the only thing that worked! I say you put that on your label so others suffering the same fate know right off the bat to use OdoBan. I'm keeping this product in my home as a staple and I'm recommending it to everyone I know! Thanks so much and keep up the amazing work!!!
Leigha Z.

Testimonial I tried OdoBan about six months ago and I have to tell you it’s the best! I just love the way it leaves the house smelling so good not like air fresheners...I shop at Walmart...when ever I go there I have to buy two bottles...I just wanted to tell you I think your product is great.
Waynesburg, OH

Testimonial  Thank you very much for the location information of to purchase OdoBan. I didn't mention how many other uses I've found lately for OdoBan. Now, I cannot imagine getting along without it. Actually, I was bordering on panic when I thought I couldn't find it anymore. Sometimes we don't realize how much we come to depend on a product that does so many nice things for us.

I love Lysol, the original scent, and have used it for most things, and use it for deodorizing things, but found it rather strong, and not very effective. We have a salamander heater, which takes kerosene. If you've smelled that, you know it's strong. When some spills outside of the filler cap, it's really difficult to eliminate, even with Lysol. So....I tried a spray of the OdoBan mix.....smell GONE!! with hardly any effort. Kudo's to you!

Then, Brian got a new kitty. Okay, we'll try some good litter, that he can scoop out. Smell was so awful, while he was at work, I gagged on the smell in the hallway...couldn't wait until he got home from work, to "fix it". After trying two new other brands, same thing. So, I got him to use the OdoBan mix, like I use on our other little pet's cage. Walking into the hallway just now, after Brian used it, wonderful smell!!

Thank you, again. Then, there is our little pet, and her cage. Spray it onto the bottom of the cage tray after washing it out, and onto the sides of the cage where she "sprays". Wonderful smell!! again. I love this stuff! Please please don't stop making it, and please don't change the formula, thinking you can make it "better". I've been down that road before, and have lost several products that I no longer use, because they changed the scent, or how it works, or just don't make it anymore. There probably isn't any other product on the market that works as good as OdoBan, or smells as good.

I understand that since it is a concentrate, the product may not sell as fast as others, but, believe me, I'm a repeat customer, and will be for the rest of my life.
Thanks, again for your reply. And thank you, OdoBan. (When I'm unhappy with a product, I don't hesitate to mention it to the maker, and when I'm happy, you deserve the same attention.)
God bless!!

Testimonial I absolutely love OdoBan. I use the concentrate in my laundry and everything comes out smelling clean and fresh. I also learned what a great odor fighter it is. My husband owns a business which is in a low-lying area. When the water flooded his office, he thought he would have to rip out the carpet because the smell was so awful. I sent a spray bottle containing diluted OdoBan and told him to try it. He sprayed one application and the odor disappeared. Thank you so much for making such an excellent product. I highly recommend it to all my friends.
Thanks again!
Colleyville, Texas

Testimonial Congratulations! OdoBan was the only product that could get the skunk smell out of my house. After my dog decided to do his annual skunk sniffing, I washed all the rooms in my house with every product on the market. This went on for a week. I finally tried OdoBan and it eliminated the odor. The skunk smell has not lingered nor returned.
Buffalo, NY

Testimonial This is probably one of the best products I've ever used. I use this daily in my home and in the laundry. I used Febreze until I found this at Sam's Club; this is much better. I recommend it to everyone I know. My favorite thing about it is that is smells clean, not like perfume.
J. Arbuckle

Testimonial I love OdoBan! I've used it off & on since 2000 when I first found it at Sam's Club. At that time, I introduced it to my boss who owned a crime scene cleaning company (really.) We started to use it on general jobs just to freshen things up, but it was especially good at remediating the results of human decomposition. I realize that you wouldn't use this in an ad campaign, but it is certainly evidence of its efficacy. OdoBan has also become my household disinfectant/odor neutralizer of choice. I have four dogs, so I use OdoBan to clean the tile floors & spritz in the air. I mix a bucket daily & slosh down the cement side yard where they...well, you know. I used to use bleach , but OdoBan is far superior. I've given jars of the concentrate to friends, singing its praises. There are several converts -- a friend in Arizona who uses it for her cats & horses. Her elderly mom uses it on her trash cans. Another friend uses it in her hair salon. I'm certainly not in the habit of writing to corporations, but OdoBan is certainly worth a Hurrah!
Your Devoted Fan,

Testimonial I don't usually write companies about their products (pro or con), but felt the need to do so this time. I carried an ice chest with fresh shrimp in my new van. I didn't realize the plug was open and shrimp water leaked out. The car was closed up for about four hours in the heat. Needless to say, when I returned the smell was terrible. We tried every spray, cleaner and even Febreze but nothing worked. My husband and I traveled to another town 60 miles away to purchase your product, OdoBan in hopes it would work. After two applications, our van is odor free. The 60 miles we drove to buy your product was well worth it. We will recommend OdoBan to any and everyone.
Berwick, LA

Testimonial Thank you so much for making a product that really works. I found OdoBan while looking at the various fabric fresheners. I bought OdoBan, not knowing how well it would work. My husband and I had rented out our home, and when we came back- the house was drenched in cat urine..months of cleaning, with every product available; and the smell was faint, but still there..I could tell the difference after using the product once. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the day cleaning every surface available. OdoBan is so versatile that it was easy!! The cat smell is completely gone from my home. I use the product everywhere, pet beds, kitchen, bath, both cars, and all furniture get a daily spray. I have recommended your product, to at least 15 people, who are now all faithful OdoBan customers. Thanks again, for such a great product!

Testimonial I don't know what I would have done without your product, OdoBan. My family and I just went through a terrible house fire. Luckily no one was home at the time. Everyone who has been through it knows how bad smoke smell is. Everything that we were able to save such as clothing, furniture, and various other items in the downstairs were all clean and fresh smelling thanks to your product. My mother-in-law and I were at Sam's Club in Watertown and as we were checking out a lady asked us if the product really worked. We praised your product up and down. We couldn't say enough good things about your product. I was even wearing some of the clothes that were salvaged and washed in your product. She said she would have never known they were in a fire.
Your product is a godsend to our family. If it wasn't for you we would have lost so much more than we already had.

Testimonial I usually don't do this, but I had to write and tell you that I am so glad to have found your product, OdoBan! I have a kennel room in my house for my show dogs and this is the best cleaner and deodorizer I have found to date. I am going online tonight and tell all of my dog show groups list about this stuff. I'm sure they will be getting it too. Thanks again, I especially like that it kills so many different germs and bacteria plus leaving such a clean fresh smell.....which is a BIG PLUS when showing dogs!
Navasota, TX

Testimonial I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a remarkable product I think OdoBan is. I first tried it a few months back and it is now my main cleaning product in my home and at work for my desk area. It has worked wonders around my house, taking an old blood stain out of the carpet, cat puke off of the rug, and more. It removed the smelly "wet dog" smell from my convertible. I love it!

Testimonial I tell everyone that I know about OdoBan. Today I recommended it to another friend on her Live Journal and the next thing I knew, I had 5 people asking where they could buy your products! ... Thanks for a great product! Keep up the great work!
Millington, TN

Testimonial We tried your product. We found it in a Sam's store…We are a hotel in Branson Mo. While right now the season is slow, we look to be picking up real soon and would like to be ready. We use what product we have of yours on the carpets, we love it for rooms that people smoke in… you can't tell they were smoked in, or the ones that have pets and don't tell us.... we love our OdoBan! Thank you,
S. Walz

Testimonial Thank you so much for such a multi-tasking, quality product at a reasonable price. It's about time someone gave Febreze a run for their money! We are now using OdoBan in our restaurant, home, everywhere. We have 3 greyhounds and you can't even tell we have dogs when you walk in our home. You are a miracle! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
V. W & M. H.

Testimonial As a parent of a busy 17 month old boy, I wanted to drop your company a line and let you know how much I love your product! It is the only cleaner I trust to clean his room with! I can use it in the steam cleaner when I clean his area rugs, I use a drop of it when I wash the floor and I use it to clean and sanitize his changing area. It is also the ONLY thing that DEODORIZES his diaper pail! So much better than a strong bleach odor! It removes the odor and leaves a fresh scent. No gasping for air when I open the diaper pail.
Everyone comments on how great his room smells, and how clean it is. They always look for some sort of air deodorizer, plug in unit or spray. I then let them know about my "secret weapon" against fighting kid odors. OdoBan!! I know sometimes we are quick to complain about things, but when I find a product I love, I am quick to let you know.
Thanks so much for a wonderful product that I can use in my entire home.
Valrico, FL

Testimonial I just had to let you know that I tried OdoBan instead of my regular Febreze and OdoBan beat Febreze! I absolutely love the OdoBan. It makes cleaning alot easier. I just had to let you know what a GREAT product OdoBan is. I tell everyone I know that they have to try it.
Norridgewock, ME

Testimonial I just have to tell you guys how awesome this product is. I love how versatile it is and how effective. My husband frequently leaves the house smelling like burnt egg and when the house smells musty and stale I'll walk around and give the rooms a couple sprays. I love to do that before I go to bed. When I wake up the house smells fresh. I use it to spot clean my carpet. I love knowing that I'm not just removing the stain I am removing the bacteria. And it is gentle! My little girl is potty training and I can't tell you how many times this has come to my rescue. I just love it I tell who ever I can about OdoBan when I have the chance... and when I buy it I buy two because I use it so much. And I am afraid it won't be there when I go back... I Love ... A stay at home mom's dream product.
Loyally yours,
Boise, ID

Testimonial I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic product OdoBan is. I picked up a "gallon bottle W/spray bottle attached" @ Sam's Club. We are a family of 7 (4 boys) and 4 cats. You can imagine what our home is like. My grandmother also just got out of the hospital with staph. As soon as I seen this helps kill staph I grabbed it. What a wonderful overall product for so many different purposes. Makes laundry smell good & kills germs, helps with 4 cats, wonderful smell, and so easy to use. Again, Thanks for a wonderful product. Will continue to buy this on a bi-weekly trip to Sam's club.
Pineville, LA

Testimonial I love your product OdoBan. I think your product is great. My son comes over now and then and sometimes stays the night and when he takes his boots off, it is terrible!!! He sprays the room and his socks with OdoBan and it takes the odor away. We get paid tomorrow, and I am going to go down to Walmart and buy some for him and some for me. It is a fantastic odor remover.

Testimonial I would like to tell anyone who may be wondering about the OdoBan product, this product is awesome. We used it for my husband's father who smoked quite heavily in his home. OdoBan completely works. I have a new lab puppy in my home. I've also, been using it for that reason. It truly does work!!! It is truly a multi-purpose cleaner (no doubt about it). Please continue to make this wonderful product..
C. K.

Testimonial I just wanted to let you know... I love your OdoBan!!! My best friend used to be a demonstrator for OdoBan at our local Sam's Club and she turned me on to it. I don’t buy anything else to get rid of odors anymore. I use it to refresh my laundry, deodorize my house, and to help get rid of germs. It is the best thing to kill urine odor and when the cat sprayed my house. I tell everyone I see about how good this stuff is. I even took some to work tonight to clean the floors in the bathrooms at the school where I clean.
Keep up the good work!!!
Loris, SC

Testimonial Since I found OdoBan last year I refuse to use anything else. I can’t stand the smell of Febreze and it doesn't hold a candle to the power of OdoBan. Recently my son moved in a house where the previous tenant had left a lot of clothing in the basement, not being one who likes waste I brought the clothes home with me to wash. Some were wet and all smelt moldy. After washing with hot water, the smell was still there. Then i thought of my OdoBan. Needless to say one half cup with the wash took out all the smell.
Thank You for such a wonderful product. I have 9 grandchildren and now I know what to tell their moms to use.
Sincerely Yours,
Augusta, KY

Testimonial I wanted to comment about the OdoBan. It is absolutely one of the best products that I use around my house. My husband had staph infection & I began to use it religiously. No one else got it. Another thing that I use it for is the laundry. I have a teenager who plays sports & my husband is a carpenter, their clothes can get pretty smelly & nasty. I was going through their clothes all the time because I had to constantly throw it away because nothing was removing the sweat smell. Your product does! I was very impressed by this. I use it everywhere. And the fact that it kills bacteria is a plus in my book.
Gonzales, LA

Testimonial I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your OdoBan disinfectant product! I simply can’t run my household without it anymore! I look forward to trying out all of your other products.Thanks and keep up the great work!
Macon, GA

Testimonial I just wanted to let you know how much I love your product, OdoBan. I clean and it makes my house smell wonderful. Knowing my house is clean makes it even better. I now have my mom and my grandmother using it and they love it as well!

Testimonial OdoBan is the absolute best odor remover I have ever tried. You have saved the life of at least one amimal. I am anxious to try the pet spray. I have recomended your product to many people. Now I know where to tell them to get it.
Mary Ellen D.

Testimonial I just wanted to let you know that I love your product... OdoBan is the ONLY odor control product I have ever used that actually rid areas of negative smells almost immediately. I have cats and everyone knows how those litter boxes can get out of control. I use OdoBan and unless I tell people that cats are in residence no one would know because there is no smell. OdoBan actually works. For bathroom odors it is the only one. I've wasted money on Oust, Lysol, Walmart store brands, Febreze, and every product in between. OdoBan is the only one that works and cleans as well. But I declare that OdoBan is worth it's weight in gold for smell elimination purposes alone. I wish I had known about your wonderful OdoBan sooner. I love it.
Thanks OdoBan,
Carol S.

Testimonial My husband and I are extremely allergic to "scented" products; i.e., Febreze leaves an odor – after spending a night in a motel room that has used it, we awoke with a headache the next morning. Recently we relocated 3000 miles across country and I traveled with 2 dogs and a cat in my SUV... my husband drove another vehicle. Again, my husband is extremely allergic to animal dander and "smells". After that trip and even after a full professional detailing of the SUV, he was still unable to ride in that vehicle. The detailing included cleaning all carpeting, upholstery and head linings. At a loss for what else to do, I bought OdoBan from our local Walmart and tried it. The Eucalyptus scent does not cause any allergic reaction and even though it took two applications to completely get the dog/cat smells out of the car, my husband can now ride in that vehicle without any adverse reaction. I was so pleased with the results that I recommended it to the detailing company that originally cleaned the car and they now use OdoBan instead of Febreze.
I have also discovered another use...when I wash scrub rags/mops, etc. that have gotten a mildew smell (especially happens in summer here in Pennsylvania) I put them in with the white load and add 1/2 cup of OdoBan in the fabric softener "cup". This completely eliminates any mildew smell... Just wanted to thank you for an excellent, affordable product.
Fredonia, PA

Testimonial I am writing to say how pleased I am with OdoBan disinfectant. I recently used it for the first time … and it lasts! My children have severe allergies, therefore I use OdoBan on everything … air condition filters, floors, walls, etc. It has definitely helped with our allergy problems. Thanks for a great product!
Longville, LA

Testimonial  I want to say THANK YOU for introducing a wonderful product as OdoBan. I purchased a gallon at the local Sam’s Club and went back a week later and they were out. We raise Irish Terriers and this product supersedes ANY product I have ever tried.
It is the best product ever!
Again, thank you.
A Satisfied Consumer

Testimonial I wanted to thank you all for such a wonderful product! My husband is a firefighter and I have tried so many things to try to get the smoke odor out of his cloths after fighting a fire. Your product is the only one that I have found that will get rid of that odor in the first wash. I use 1/2 cup in a large load (cold wash) and it takes the odor out the first time around! Thank you so very much for making my laundry life so much easier.
A. Frisbie

Testimonial Both myself and my husband volunteer at an animal sanctuary, where animals such as tigers, black leopards, African lions, bobcats, monkeys and many other creatures are fortunate enough to reside. OdoBan is used in large quantities on a daily basis and has been the only product demonstrated to completely eliminate the wide range of odors often offensive to human visitors.
As our business is designated as a 501(c)3 organization, we believe in using the best products that are also cost effective.
Thank you,
K. Jordan

Testimonial I wanted to let you know how great your product is. I breed English bulldogs along with having other pets, plus one of my English bulldogs has a neurological problem that prevents him to have control of body wastes. My animals live in a section of my home that has carpeting. I have tried everything and spent large amounts of money on other products that haven’t worked. One day I bought OdoBan and tried it. It eliminated the odors, you’d never guess I have pets in my home. I also use it for several other applications in my home.
Caroline S.

Testimonial Hello! I just had to tell you how much I love your product, OdoBan. We use it at the vet hospital where I work, and I couldn't believe how wonderful it was! It disinfects many diseases that could be passed from pet to pet through re-used cages, it certainly deodorizes (how many products can say they actually kill the smell of cat urine?!), and it smells so clean and fresh. I went right out and bought my own stash of the concentrate which is a bargain price compared to other popular products such as Febreze and Lysol. I am so happy with this product that I recommend it to all my friends, family, even strangers in the cleaning isles of grocery stores! Thank you for making such a wonderful product!
A. Hatten

Testimonial I purchased your OdoBan Shower Control and found it to work fantastically.
Nick M.

Testimonial Greetings! I want to say THANK YOU so very much for your product OdoBan! I had to clean a basement which was initially under 4 feet of water, then let stand damp for several months. It was very, yucky, shall we say! :-) Mold had set in and, needless to say, it was not good. I powerwashed the concrete walls and floor, followed by bleaching of the same. The last step was to treat with OdoBan. Prior to the OdoBan treatment, the basement had a musty, almost clean but not, odor. After OdoBan it was clean smelling--and not just for a day or too. To this day, when people who were here when it was "bad", they say "wow--and no odor! It has not smelled this good since, well, never!"
Ed S.

Testimonial I received some of your OdoBan Pet Odor Eliminator in a gift basket I won at a dog show. It's the greatest stuff I've ever used for pet odor. Thank you.

Testimonial I have been using your product, OdoBan, for the past three years while caring for my handicap wife and don't know what I would do without it. There is the bedside commode, the accidents that often happen with the handicap, the general cleaning etc.. It is an excellent product and I hope that I never see the dreaded words "New and improved". It is just fine the way it is. Thanks for a great product that does what it is supposed to do!
B. K.

Testimonial It is rare that I take the time to write a "Bravo" letter, but I felt compelled to write to you. Three weeks ago, I purchased your product, OdoBan for the first time. I did not expect to find what I would call one of those real finds … the kind that you quickly wonder how you ever lived without. What great stuff! I love the scent, and I ended up doing a demo for the cleaning crew in our assembly plant. As a result, you sold 24 gallons … when our maintenance guy put in his requisition this week. They say that for every customer who writes, there are hundreds more thinking the same thoughts!
Indianapolis, IN

Testimonial We wanted to take a moment to extend our thanks for OdoBan . We have rental property and over the years, tenants have had cats. Until we found OdoBan, we would clean the carpets 2-3 times just to have the house smell good. Since we found OdoBan, one carpet cleaning and we're done! Thanks for a great product!
Owings Mills, MD

Testimonial We love OdoBan and use it all over our Pet Resort. People can't believe a boarding facility could smell so good!
K. Webster

Testimonial I just wanted to commend you on your products, OdoBan and Glass Control. These are 2 of the very best products I've ever found for use in my home and auto. (Being a smoker and a pet owner, I think my home is a pretty good test of these types of products.) OdoBan WORKS and leaves no residue, and Glass Control leaves not the tiniest streak. Wonderful. Can you imagine!? Products that actually do what they claim! And at a 'normal' price - not an inflated 'specialty product' price! Not an easy find, these days. Keep up the fantastic work!

Testimonial I run a daycare for young children. So you can imagine the difficulty in maintaining a pleasant and clean environment. I purchased OdoBan and initially began using it as an air freshener. Gradually, I realized I was using it everywhere. Your product not only smells wonderful but is also a great cleaner and disinfectant. I now use the Glass Control, too! With little handprints all over the glass doors, this product has saved me many hours of cleaning because it does not require repeated spraying. One swipe and I'm through. I hope to see many more of your products on the shelf – I can assure you I will be looking!
Spartanburg, SC

Testimonial I just needed to take a moment to THANK YOU! I found your product at a Sam's Club in Canton, OH and thought I would give it a try. Thinking I have wasted even more hard earned money, I was so amazed to have finally found a product that worked so well. As I wash laundry for a relative who is unable, the clothes are soiled weekly by extreme cigarette smoking along with bodily incontinence and odor and they hold in every odor. I have tried SO MANY different products and finally found OdoBan Concentrate (the miracle odor elimator)! I add it to the rinse cycle and her laundry actually comes out with a fresh clean smell! OdoBan also helps in trying to freshen her home as well. Thank you for offering OdoBan to the public at an affordable price! You are saving the nose and the purse strings!!
Canton, OH

Testimonial I would like to tell you how much I like your product, OdoBan. Here in Texas, we were victims of the worst flood in recorded history. My house and vehicles were seriously damaged and we lost a great deal of personal possessions. I needed something to disinfect and remove the swampy mud and water odor. I found your product and decided to try it as an alternative to bleach. I was delighted with OdoBan and found many uses for it. Your product is gentle, sweet smelling, disinfects, and easy to use. I ended up using 3 gallons of it. Believe me, I have recommended OdoBan to all my neighbors. Thank you sincerely!
Seguin, TX

Testimonial I love you, I love you, I love you! I was introduced to OdoBan by working at an SPCA. I am what you call a cleaning freak. I'm not as bad as Howard Hughes was when he died but I'm close! I clean everything with Clorox and my family hates it…OdoBan has changed my life. Steam cleaner, washing clothes, cleaning my 81 Mercedes 380SL, EVERYTHING! It has even cleaned my patio furniture that usually takes 8 hours and a bucket of straight Clorox and bleeding fingertips from the scouring pad. Cat spray, smoke, litter boxes. My husband and I both smoke like chimneys. I have 6 indoor cats and 3 indoor dogs, and 3 "indoor"/"outdoor" teenage boys. I decorate in 1940's style and have a lot of antiques. It works on everything!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm 35 and cleaning has taken off sooooo many years of my life. Not anymore!! You just have no idea!!!! I e-mailed everyone that I care about enough to share my new secret. Again, I LOVE YOU!
LaPorte, TX

Testimonial Just a few lines to say thanks,
My dog is a year and a half old. All that time I tried everything for pet odors. But this OdoBan is powerful. Thanks and keep up the good work.
S. S.

Testimonial OdoBan is the best product I have ever bought! I raise small dogs & this product makes everything clean & fresh! Thank you for having a product that really works!
Sheila W.

Testimonial I just recently found this product at Walmart. I have used everything from Febreze to Dollar General brands and this stuff is the best. The smell is great and it last for hours. And I like that it isn’t expensive. Just wanted to let you know I will never buy anything else. I love OdoBan. And I have told all my friends and family to pick some up.

Testimonial I am writing to let you know how wonderful I think OdoBan is. I was at the grocery store to purchase Febreze and I happened to see OdoBan. I bought one bottle and have used nothing else since. I now buy three bottles a week. I wouldn't change for anything. Thanks for a great product.
Springfield, TN

Testimonial I just want to say thanks for a great product. OdoBan Odor Eliminator. It controls odors without the coverup smell most products have. We first started using it for our old dog who had urinated on the carpet and we could not find anything to eliminate the smell. Bought this and sprayed everything that she wet on and it took away the smell. When we used it immediately there was not even a spot. I have told many of my friends who have animals or older parents who have accidents and they are sold. It is great for urine in the clothes too. Just a little in the wash it took away all the smell. Thanks again.
K. M.

Testimonial I live in Rochester, NY. I obtained OdoBan at our local Sam's Club…I have been using your wonderful product for years now and I absoultely love it for all my household duties…Thank you.
C. Guglielmino

Testimonial I just wanted to let you know that since I have found OdoBan, I will never purchase another air freshener, fabric freshener, kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner, or hardwood floor cleaner!!! Your product does it all!! When I mop my hardwoods, I just spray it on, and mop with my rag mop. There is no build up, no streaks, no dull film and the bonus to that is, my mop smells fresh and clean after it has hung to dry. Your product is the best thing to happen to my household. I am a loyal customer from day one!!! Thanks for making such a wonderful product.
Birmingham, AL

Testimonial I wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased and impressed I am with your Grease Control cleaner. Recently, I began playing golf after a three-year layoff from the sport. As I was looking for "the" cleaner at my local supermarket, I read your label, Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser, safe on aluminum. Well I didn't want to discolor my clubs so I bought your product. As I began to clean my irons and drivers I was amazed how clean and new looking my clubs became. Well I didn't stop there – next was my golf bag, shoes, and balls. I have since cleaned various tools, my lawnmower, bicycles, and other items in the garage. My wife has accused me of buying new toys. Thank you for producing this safe, great cleaning product!
Dacula, GA

Testimonial I want to tell you what a wonderful product OdoBan is. I have dogs and have spent a fortune on odor control products. I've bought them all. I have an old dog that has accidents and in general smells. I can pretty much control it with the normal products if I use them real often. But, last week one of my dogs got in a fight with a skunk. She got sprayed real bad and we let her in the house. After a week it still smelled so bad in our house, we were ready to replace all the carpet.
It is only a year old, but we were desperate. I went to a dog show today and a lady told me to try OdoBan. I had seen it at Sam's before and thought about buying it, but didn't. She went on so about how wonderful it was, I decided to give it a try. I sprayed it everywhere. I put it on the carpets and the walls. The smell is completely gone now. I was prepared to spend a fortune to replace the carpet. I was willing to do anything to get the smell out. I was even considering moving. I would have paid anything for this product and I will never be without it. I show dogs and am very involved with dog people. I will tell everyone I know about this product. This is the best kept secret I have seen. You should put on your label that it will remove skunk odors also. Lots of dog people encounter this problem. You could sell this stuff at dog shows and make a killing. Again I will tell everyone I know about this product…Feel free to use this as a testimonial. I would be glad to tell anyone about this product. Thanks for a wonderful product.
C. Hall

Testimonial I purchased your product at Sam's when someone was performing a demonstration in the store. I bought quite a few gallons because I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to find it again when I ran out which is often the case when I find something I like! It is great for getting the odor out of sweaty clothes, sour towels you forgot in the washer for three days, pet urine, cigarette smoke, bathroom odors, cooking odors and many more miscellaneous smells. On the back of the bottle, there was an extensive list of uses. I believe I have tried most of them! It is the best all-purpose odor and anti-bacterial product I have ever used. I am so glad that it is still available! When I told my son about it, he already knew about the product because they used it at the hospital where he worked. Thanks for making a great product!
R. Pyatt

Testimonial I want to tell you about one of your products and how much I enjoy using it. During the holidays, I entertain a lot. With continuous cooking, odors build up quickly and spread throughout the house. In the past, I found myself constantly spraying room deodorizers and lighting candles. Your product, OdoBan is wonderful! It lasts for hours unlike the room deodorizers, which disappear almost immediately. I keep a bottle in my bathrooms, laundry room and kitchen. Thank you for a product that really works and is economical, too!
Converse, SC

Testimonial Realizing that "words of praise" are often left unspoken, I wanted to take a moment to tell you the success I've had with your product, OdoBan. I am the proud owner of a minature poodle. However, intelligent as the breed may be, he still has accidents during the day and misses the newspaper! OdoBan makes the cleanup so easy. Like magic, the pet odor is gone. More importantly, I feel your product actually kills dangerous germs, as well as deodorizes. Thank you for this convenient cleaner!
Saluda, NC

Testimonial … I already am an OdoBan user due to a display at our local Sam’s Club. I love your product and use it in every load of clothes I wash. I like the fresh, clean smell. I originally started using it because of some horrible cat accident smells and it worked miracles after trying Lysol, Pinesol, SimpleGreen, etc. I will be a lifetime user of your wonderful product. Thanks so very much for the quality product you offer…
L. Malone

Testimonial I work for a carriage company in Cape May, NJ. We are very careful not to create odors in our town. Our horses wear diapers and we train them to only urinate at our carriage stop where we have our own sewer connection. Of course, sometimes there are accidents. We used OdoBan for years which we purchased at Sam's Club… We have never found anything comparable… We have a company that is a model for all of the carriage companies in the United States. Our horses are sleek and well cared for, and have a very good life. We are featured in magazines all over the world.
Cape May, NJ

Testimonial I discovered this product some years ago. Always having what seems to be a houseful of stray this's and stray that's I could never find the right cleaning product to use to avoid having my house SMELL like a house full of this's and that's . . . until I found OdoBan. I have not found anything that does the job better and frankly, I don't look anymore. OdoBan is the best there is. I swear by it!
N. Chastain

Testimonial I work and live with MANY animals in my home and your products really make a difference. OdoBan was brought to my attention buy countless pre-schools, who swear by your products. Thanks,
Bear's World, Inc

Testimonial I recently purchased some aerosol air freshener at Sams Club! I LOVE it.
Jamie M.

Testimonial I purchased a package of 3 aerosol cans of OdoBan Air in three different scents at our local Sams club. I loved the clean scents.
Bettendorf, Iowa

Testimonial I LOVE the OdoBan Air aerosol spray. It works Extremely well for laundry and soccer bags, cleats, shin guards, etc.
Thank you.
Lori S.

Testimonial We had just remodeled our home and installed new, off white carpet. We decided to celebrate with a Superbowl Party. I did not serve any food/beverages that were red colored as I heeded our carpet distributor/installer's advice. In the 4th quarter with about 2 minutes to go, my 4 year-old niece said she felt ill and started running to the bathroom. Well, you guessed it, she never made it … to the bathroom that is. The mess on my new carpet was the brightest red I had ever seen … beets and cranberries would've been pale compared to this color. I wet my white cloth and blotted – a little came up. I repeated but my cloth was still snow white. Oh no … red forever! My sister said, go look, you must have something to use. I found your bottle of BioStain Control under my sink. I applied it very liberally. To my complete and total surprise, the brilliant red turned dark rose, then to pink and then it was gone. My carpet looked brand new again … not a trace of color left! Wow! Every person at the party was impressed. They all couldn't wait to go out and buy some. You have made some loyal customers out of us. Thanks so much for BioStain Control!
Gagetown, MI

Testimonial BioStain Control – I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! I use it as my ONLY stain removal system in my home. It's taken out ink, blood, grass stains, and sharpie marker stains without having to scrub the stain over and over again. I just pour a little on each side of the stain rub it once and throw it into the wash! I also use your OdoBan. You make wonderful products and I've told so many friends about them. Keep up the great work!
M. Clark

Testimonial I have got my first 7.0g SmartLid. I just love it and will buy many more. Thank you for putting out such a great product. I hope you will have it for many years to come. Thank you so much for SmartLid,
Fredericksburg, VA

Testimonial I have tried almost everything that says it removes stains and have always been disappointed. I tried your BioStain Control on a hot chocolate stain that my son hid with a chair, and IT CAME OUT! I then tried it on a red Kool-Aid stain and IT CAME OUT! To say I'm impressed would be an understatement. Thank you for this product. It really works and I am still surprised at how well!
Newport, NC

Testimonial Regarding your product, BioStain Control … Thank You For Excellence! This is the best stain remover I have ever used.
Melvindale, MI

Testimonial I recently purchased your product, BioStain Control at our local supermarket during my lunch hour. I had purchased the product to clean some stains from my carpet at home. Later that afternoon while at work, I managed to spill a whole cup of coffee down the front of my white shirt. I ran as fast as I could to the kitchen to wet some paper towels. I tried to get the stain out but failed. As I was sitting at my desk feeling miserable I thought about your product I had bought at lunch. I started reading the information on it and then sprayed the huge spot on my shirt with the solution. I let it sit for a minute and then took a paper towel and blotted it. I must say that in no time at all the coffee stain was gone, the big ring on my shirt was gone, and the shirt looked as good as new! Needless to say, I am going to purchase an extra bottle to keep at work.
Great product!!
Chesnee, SC

Testimonial I'm a 63 year-old woman who has tried many, many cleaning products, and your BioStain Control is the best! It has cleaned stains that have been in my carpet for 4 years. My husband dropped bags of strawberries on our stairway while taking them to the freezer. I tried different cleaners on the stain with no results. BioStain Control with only two tries got it totally clean with only a small brush and cold water. We are so glad we tried your product!
Rockaway Beach, MO

Testimonial I am the maintenance manager at a resort in New Hampshire. We have our own laundry to clean all our sheets, towels etc in addition we also have table linen that needs to be cleaned. We have found that your BioStain Control works really well... We go through a case of the bottles every few days. As we are always trying to keep our costs down for the services that we provide, we always try to buy in larger quantities whenever possible... Your product has been the only product to really work well without eating away the fabric.
New Hampshire

Testimonial A couple of years ago I purchased a gallon of OdoBan at Sam's. Attached to the gallon jug was a spray bottle of "Stain Control" by OdoBan as a bonus. That is the best fabric and carpet cleaner I have ever used. I bought another gallon of OdoBan just to receive another bottle of Stain Control.
Central FL

Testimonial I have a wool blazer that has been cleaned by two very good cleaners in New York yet they couldn't remove a stain that was on it. I purchased your product, BioStain Control for my home and decided to try it on my jacket after it took out a tough spot on the carpet. Mind you, we used a couple of spot removers that did not work on the carpet. To my surprise, the spot came out and needless to say, I was elated to have my carpet and jacket back. Please do not stop making this wonderful cleaner … it works on everything!
Raleigh, NC

Testimonial Our company has been in business for two years. During this time, we have used many products that claim to be safe on carpets and fabrics and be effective stain removers. Most of the products were ineffective and did not perform as advertised. However, your product BioStain Control is one of the best all-purpose stain removers that we have ever used. It works well on most tough stains and the materials stay color fast with not fading. BioStain Control has become a regularly used chemical with our company. We are looking forward to using more of your products in the future.
Lyman, SC

Testimonial Your product OdoBan Pet Carpet Odor and Stain Remover is absolutely superb. Excellent. Way better than stuff I’ve bought for high dollar at the pet store. Totally gets rid of the odor and stains on my carpet like the mess was never there. My dog is getting very old and has problems not going to the bathroom inside. Your product has been a ABSOLUTE LIFE SAVER!!!!
Thank you again.
S. Roberts


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